Mr. Coffee TF5 Coffee Maker

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Mr. Coffee TF5 Coffee Maker Review

Mr. Coffee TF5 is a four cup switch coffee maker. This product is manufactured by the brand Mr. Coffee. This coffee maker is a great product for coffee lovers having all those essential functions, which are required to make a great taste coffee.

This 4 Cup Coffee Maker is available in black and white colors. It weighs for about four pounds. It makes four cups of coffee within five minutes of time. It is brewing pause and sever feature allow you to pour your cup of coffee while the coffee maker is still brewing.

About Mr.Coffee TF5 Switch Coffee Maker

  • Mr. Coffee TF5 is suitable for those who do not want bulky, heavy weight coffee makers. It is light in weight and stylish.
  • It is the best product for those coffee lovers who cannot afford expensive coffee makers. Although it is cheaper in the rate but it has its excellent features to make rich and flavorful coffee. Therefore, if you are among those who are fond of coffee and you need to have a flavorful cup of coffee every day, to make you feel fresh, but you cannot afford an expensive coffee maker, then Mr. Coffee tf5 is a best suitable product for you.
  • It is small and serves best for people who have a small space in their kitchen or it suits best for office use.
  • You can carry it with you anywhere you want to go as it is light in weight. It is elegant and beautiful enough to make a perfect blend coffee.

Features of Mr.Coffee 4 Cup Coffee Maker

TF5 4 cup switch coffeemaker black

Mr.Coffee TF5 Coffee Maker – Great little coffee pot

Mr. Coffee TF5 is an inexpensive super quality coffee maker which offers you a great taste coffee cup. This is a simple coffee maker and do not have any on/off shut off or clock built into it. You just simply have to press the on and off button to make it start the brewing process. Its green light indicates that the maker has started brewing up the coffee.

It is easy to use and you can easily put the coffee in it. It has no overflow issues in it. You can easily clean its filters by removing its various parts.

It is available with a basket filter, which can be re-using repeatedly. You just have to clean it up and it’s ready for you to re-use it. Mr. Coffee tf5 has such excellent functions, which will make you wonder that how an inexpensive product will serve you in such a good manner.

You can pour in the water while the lid is up and the reservoir will not stop working, rather it is the most suitable way to preheat your water by keeping the lid up while the machine is still in its running mode. In this way, you can have your delicious cup of coffee by this simple basic method of coffee maker.

Its other features include:

  • No leaking or dripping issues
  • It is easy to lift the lid
  • Its cleaning is very easy and convenient
  • It has the removable filter and removable basket
  • It gives you a flavorful cup of coffee in just five minutes
  • It has a real inexpensive machine
  • It is small in size and light in weight
  • It is simple and basic
  • It has the translucent glass window on both sides

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Mr. Coffee tf5 has an on/off light indicator, which indicates that the maker has either off or on. It offers all the basic features to make a delicious cup of coffee. Mr coffee tf5 is small and takes less space on kitchen counters. It is best to use in offices or work place. It is either small in size but it has the capacity to make four cups of coffee. Mr. Coffee tf5 has a real inexpensive machine and the happiness gets doubled for the buyers when they get this quality product in such an inexpensive rate.


The carafe of Mr. Coffee tf5 coffee maker is a bit difficult to pour from and you will find some drop spilling over the edges. However, if you’ll handle it with care and pour it with concentration, it will perform its function without any errors.

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The buyers of Mr. Coffee TF5 are satisfied with the features of this coffee maker. It has appealing design and color in addition to its basic functions to give you a great cup of coffee to make you feel fresh and good. Mr. Coffee TF5 is available in real inexpensive rates so that you can easily buy it and enjoy your delicious cup of coffee every day.

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