Mr.Coffee DRX5 Coffee Maker Reviews

Mr Coffee DRX5 Reviews

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Mr. Coffee DRX5 Coffee Maker Review

Mr. Coffee Drx5 is one of the best 4 Coffee maker from Mr. Coffee brand. Mr. Coffee Drx5 is a programmable coffee maker that makes four cups of coffee in about five minutes of time and is available only in black color. It is small and light in weight and you can carry it with you wherever you want to go. It has a filter basket in it, which makes it more beneficial for coffee lovers, as it will help to keep your coffee fresh and soothing by rinsing it up after every brew.

Mr. Coffee Drx5 offers you pause and serve option, which will allow you to pour your cup of coffee while the coffee maker is in brewing mode. It is made up of plastic with mate finishing. It is elegant and beautiful in looks as well. The delay brew feature of Mr. Coffee drx5 will help you to set the time up to 24 hours in advance and you can enjoy your fresh delicious and yummy coffee at any time you want to have it.

Benefits of Mr Coffee Drx5 Coffee Maker?

Mr. Coffee Drx5 is beneficial for those who have an irregular coffee drinking schedule. In addition, if you’re hooked up with your daily assignments and overburdened with workload and do not find much time to go into the kitchen and make a cup of coffee for you, then this product will help you to get your coffee ready on time, by using its programmable functions including the auto shut off option.

  • This product helps you to save your time and provide you a delicious cup of coffee without demanding your much effort and time.
  • Mr. Coffee Drx5 has many features, which will make you buy it. It is elegant and a complement product to any kitchen decor.
  • You can simply set the delay brew option of the coffee maker and a perfectly delicious brewed coffee will be waiting for you whenever you need to have it.
  • Some of its main features include its reasonable size, its carafe and filter baskets.
  • Its size is quite modest and restrained. It makes four cups of coffee in its limited size and you can not only enjoy the delicious coffee alone, but you can also make the other three cups for your friends or might be for your family members in five minutes of time.
  • Its carafe is well built and easy to pour. You can easily rinse the carafe for cleaning without having any difficulty.
  • Its removable filter basket can be easily lifted out of the brew basket for an easy and effective cleaning.
  • If you’re in a hurry and getting late to join your office or university, then the pause ‘n serve feature of Mr. Coffee drx5 will help you to pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing.

What are the main features of Mr. Coffee Drx5 Coffee maker?

DRX5 4 cup Coffee Maker review

Mr.Coffee DRX5 4 Cup Coffee Maker – Good things come in small packages

The main features of Mr. Coffee drx5 includes:

  • One hour auto shutoff
  • Programmable brewer time
  • Compact design available in black color
  • Express code storage
  • Four cup capacity
  • Water reservoir with marked measurements
  • Stain-resistant warming plate
  • On/Off indicating light
  • Cord storage to store the excess cord
  • Water filtration adaptable
  • Digital displays
  • Clock timer
  • Nonstick
  • Glass carafe

Mr.Coffee DRX5 Coffee Maker Video Demonstration

The following is the video demonstration of Mr.Coffee DRX5 Machine

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Mr.Coffee DRX5 Coffee Maker – Pros

Mr. Coffee Drx5 includes many positive features. It is perfectly designed for the single coffee drinker. Its timer-setting feature is the best among all of its features as it will make your coffee in just five minutes of time and allow you to get your coffee and go to your work. In addition, this coffee maker is free from overflow problems and is made up of non-stick plastic. It is easy to clean as it has the removable filter cup in it for easy cleaning. Its auto-pause brewing will help you for quick removal and easy cleaning of its filtration cup and plate.

Mr.Coffee DRX5 – Corns

It will normally take the same time to make four cups of coffee, as any other larger coffee maker will take. The filters are usually not easily available in the market but nonetheless you can have them on the internet and if you can buy one to two filters, they will be more than enough for you. One of its disadvantages includes its buttons on the front of the maker, which will often bump up accidently and your coffee maker will start working without your consent.

Mr. Coffee Drx5

Mostly, this product serves as a beneficial model to most of its users. It saves their time and gives them a delicious coffee without letting them waste their time while working in the kitchen to make their cup of coffee. This product is perfect for the coffee needs and takes up very little space. As it is the best suitable coffee maker for a single coffee drinker, it is helpful for many of its users.

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In the end, concluding the features of Mr. Coffee Drx5, it is elegant, compact and takes little space. It is easy to handle and clean. Its removable filters made its use much easier for the coffee drinkers. The programmable options of this coffee maker will allow you to have your fresh cup of coffee any time by using the programmable brewer timer. In short, this Mr. Coffee Drx5 coffeemaker will not only works well but also looks nice.

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